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Job description

As a CPQ consultant, you will work together with our customers, their Business Development, Sales and Product Management functions, among others, to develop their product management, sales, and delivery processes.
You will put their product portfolios into order and develop their business processes from lead to lifecycle services and beyond. Help us to let people concentrate on what matters.

In addition to building the business framework, you will also configure CPQ solutions. You will have a possibility to specialize either in configuration or business and product management processes. However, we expect you to be involved in both – to efficiently build processes, it is beneficial to understand the technology and vice versa.

- Understanding customers’ business models, processes and product architecture and helping them to develop them
- Engaging with customers’ business and technical staff, e.g. in discovery workshops, to find the right solutions
- Challenging the customers’ thinking and status quo
- Managing (smaller) customer projects independently
- Configuring CPQ solutions, as well as related Salesforce Clouds (e.g. Sales and Service Clouds)
- Proactively engaging with customers to find new projects and other opportunities for our company
- Understanding of end-to-end system implementation from requirement specifications to deployment

CPQ solutions are part of transforming sales & delivery operations and you will help our customers to build new business models and architecture which will meet the demands of the future society centered around big data, AI and automation, among other things.

Qualifications required

On top of all, you want to build and grow things. You want to create your own way without forgetting the customer requirements. You are a problem solver who does not get confused when introduced with customers process and product architecture diagrams.
We are searching for people who appreciate logical thinking and analysis – CPQ solutions transform complex and long-reaching business processes and include complex product structures built with constraints and rules – you need to get on top and bottom and middle of those. This requires system thinking and also sometimes mathematical skills – in the end, complexity is reduced into numbers.
As an example, the following backgrounds will definitely help you get going:
- M.Sc. or B.Sc. in e.g. Engineering, Systems Analysis, Mathematics or similar/related science
- Background in Product Management, Business Development, Technical Sales, IT Solution Architecture, or equivalent/similar - Studies in business/economics provide a good support (as always)

If you don’t have any of these, don’t be afraid to demonstrate to us how you make logic an art: we are not searching for ready CPQ professionals, but ambitious people with a passion for problem-solving, puzzles and finding things out together with our team and customers. We hope that you to feel confident in leading customer workshops, challenging customers to critically think their product portfolio and processes through.

Oslo - Norway
Contact Person
Henrik Blankschön Nielsen

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